News of the week

Let’s Drunch!

A feast of gastronomy, cava and music. The pop up dinner will take place at a 15th century house, rumours say it was Cristobal Colón’s family residence. With Catalan chef Alex López Cano. Book here

Black Box

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Japanese photographer and architect, who exhibited in the major galleries of the world is showing his greatest photographies, infinite palette of blacks, whites and greys, at Fundación Mapfre.

Mutek Festival

International festival of Digital Creativity with Pole & MFO, Adeline, Shigeto, Deadbeat, The Orb at Fabrica Estrella Damn. The venue is just amazing! 16h-22h15

Palo Cortao

If we didn’t tell you upon check-in, then we’re telling you now: Go Here! It’s 2 blocks down the road and you’ll float back full of goodness! Book at reception for lunch or dinner.