The Brummell Experience

Brummell is a new concept of casual luxury. Less shine, less bling and more soul. We bring into practice “tropical modernism”: a magical combination of exotic elements and nordic style without losing connection to our mediterranean origins. Every detail has been hand-picked: from the choice of linen to the most exciting amenity products on the market. We believe in uniqueness, practical design, friendly staff and very, very comfortable beds for the ultimate urban retreat.

The Brummell Team

Welcome to our Boutique Hotel

If you are looking for a boutique hotel in Barcelona, you've found it! At the Hotel Brummell, we put in all of our heart to create a cool atmosphere that combines Mediterranean living with discreet luxury and design. Our goal is for you to discover how wonderful Barcelona is when you have the additional comforts of a Boutique Hotel in Barcelona.
Wake up in one of our 20 designer rooms, charge your batteries with a delicious breakfast in the restaurant, relax in our sauna and take a luxurious dip in the pool. Rent one of our bikes, visit Barcelona and discover why everyone is in love with her. Upon your return, you can join us for a drink and snack at our Honesty Bar and only have to worry about planning your next day. We are waiting for you, welcome to Hotel Brummell, your boutique Hotel in Barcelona!

We've played with light and plants and a respect for the traditional, in order to create a sort of timelessness. Blankslate´s use of bespoke modern furniture mixed together with Sri Lankan and European antiques sets it apart from other hotels. The addition of contemporary art projects within the rooms also pays homage to local creatives and makers. The result is a laid back and casual place to hang out, to rest, and to indulge.

Hotel Brummell Hotel Brummell

Hotel Brummell Furniture
Hotel Brummell Furniture

Our details were either designed or chosen carefully with a focus on functionality, comfort and aesthetic. The mix of antiques with custom furnishings and details from some of our favorite designers make Brummell a well balanced and relaxed environment.

Hotel Brummell Furniture
Geoffrey Bawa
“Architecture cannot be totally explained but must be experienced.”

Geoffrey Bawa

Mr. Schallert

Meet Brummell's founder Mr. Christian Schallert. This is the guy who's brought us all here together. Growing up in an amazing pastry coffee house in a small village in Austria, Christian lead his Alpine charm and his incessant sweet tooth to Barcelona (12 years ago). He recalls his first BCN job, at a Bagel Shop on Via Laietana, where they let him only work in the basement for the first month, cutting onions and tomatoes, due to the lack of Spanish. It wasn't until 2004, when Christian bought a camera and started photographing the intricacies and charm of this city into what would become his growing postcard business, Urbarna. Then, 3 years ago, he was shown this run-down building here in Poble Sec and said his classic and enthusiastic "let's go for it".

Christian Schallert
Why were you drawn to open a hotel?
I guess my fascination for hotels started with the 80s hit series HOTEL with James Brolin and Connie Sellecca. I was addicted to this show.
You're a well-traveled guy. What's been your favorite hotel experience?
I am amazed with 2 places in Sri Lanka: Villa Bentota for its superb staff, beautiful architecture (Geoffrey Bawa and Shanth Fernando), food, location, focus on detail (amenities...) and Amangalla, very classic, colonial, stunning and beautiful everywhere you look. But probably the most fun overnight stay I had was when I had to crash in a truck stop lodge in Senegal one Christmas Eve.
Is there one place where you go just to stay in the hotel?
Kasbah Tamadot in the mountains outside of Marrakech.
Is there something, a detail, that you love about staying in a hotel?
Attentive and friendly staff is quintessential. I would like to be able to ask things and the hotel staff have great answers… I love when there is a little welcome surprise in the room. And i do enjoy when a hotel offers great shampoo and bodywash.
Everything is still so new, how do you want to grow?
We are in a complete phase of polishing and introducing new service features (yoga classes, massage and beauty treatments, …). Creating a weekly Brummell Running Club, Bed & Bike offers with Picnic options, artist and music events and collaborations, creating own products for the Hotel Shop, giving some distinctive decoration features to the bigger rooms. Its all about improving now and getting creative.