Wellness and Yoga in Barcelona

As a Brummell guest you can enjoy yoga classes and training sessions in a unique well-being center, all for free. The Garage is a multi-functional space where we also offer various massages and a possible place for your next event or happening. Don’t forget to start or finish the day in our HOT sauna!

Veronica Blume Yoga

This lady radiates a calm and gracious light. We believe in the balance of life and this is the woman who brings us to the side that encourages us to take care of our bodies, quiet our minds, and shine our own healthy lights.


Sport, training & health

2_Beyond_Hotel Brummell

Beyond believes in sport and physical activity to be accessible and essential to everyone. They are a source of inspiration and lead us to a healthy life full of emotions.

Every Tuesday at 8pm we meet up with the locals for a Running Club up the hills of Montjuïc.

Veronica Blume

Ms. Blume and Mr. Brummell go way back.

When we decided to open a hotel, we knew that we’d need a space devoted to movement, tranquility, fitness and healthy state-of-mind. Veronica gives us this space and more. She was born in Germany, grew up in Austria and travelled the world: she is the perfect host. She will guide us with her raw strength, anatomical knowledge and maternal comfort to where we feel good. We thank her for devoting her space to our well being.

Three ingredients for a healthy day
Yoga, Love, Nature.
A place you feel most balanced
I have learned that when you find balance within, the surrounding really don´t matter so much… But still, I find that nature leaves a lot more space for me to play and simply enjoy.
The best place to travel for the body care?
Anywhere where I can feel the warm sun on my skin and I can swim in the ocean.
The most challenging thing you've phisically pushed yourself to do
Handstands are a daily challenge. There´s something about being upside down that makes me love the world even more.
Mountains or the sea?
Both, especially when deserted.
What is the most Austrian thing about you?
My weak spot for cows on a prairie.
Any pre-teaching rituals?
A small meditation, and reminding myself that I am not teaching, but sharing what works for me.